She knew there had to be a better way to get care items to new moms.

Our Story

In March of 2016 MOMBOX founder Kate Westervelt found herself waddling around the aisles of Target, less than 72 hours after giving birth. She and her husband were headed home from the hospital when it dawned on Kate that she needed quite a few recovery products: things like pads, and creams, and bath soaks, and nursing aids. As a first-time mom she had remembered to pack her hospital bag and she had prepped the nursery, but, as the case with so many women, she totally forgot about her own self-care. So rather than risk sending her husband into the store to figure out which nipple balm was best, she took her ice-packed panties into Target herself. By the time she gathered everything she thought she needed, she was exhausted, in excruciating pain, and so hormone-filled that she snapped (and we mean snapped!) at the in-store barista simply for not leaving room for milk in her coffee. While the barista fought back tears, Kate tried desperately to apologize and explain that she had just had a baby. By the time she returned to the car Kate knew there had to be a better way to get postpartum care items to new moms. And like that, MOMBOX was born.